Stylish Classical Comfortable Wicker Aluminum Furniture Versatile Wicker Furniture Wholesale

Item Number: WA-4138
Series: Sarah
Material: Aluminum
Construction: No Assembly Required
Style: Modern Outdoor
Application: Patio\Garden\Cottage\Courtyard\Beach\coffee shop\restaurant\versatile
Packing: Stackable up to 10 pcs
Warranty: 2 year

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The piece is a stylish classic - will create a contemporary feel to any outdoor area.
Handwoven using synthetic strands that closely resemble real wicker, ultimate quality weave.
Excellent stacking ability.
These all-weather-wicker stacking dining chairs are for relaxed living and entertaining outdoors – any time of year.
Overall dimension: W56.5XD60XHs43.5xH86cm
Front leg tube available in 35x35x1.2mm or 30x30x1.5mm, or any specs you need.
Rear leg tube is 25x25x1.5mm.

We recommend the following care for best results:
• Cover wood furniture with outdoor covers (sold separately) when left outside during inclement weather or when not in use.
• Make sure furniture is completely dry before covering.
• Store cushions separately from furniture to prevent possible transfer of moisture.
• Wipe spills with a clean dry cloth.
• Wash frame with a mild solution of soap and water; rinse with clean water and dry thoroughly.
• Avoid the use of harsh cleaners and abrasives.


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