Outdoor patio furniture Long dining table Rattan Garden set

Outdoor furniture long table Rattan Garden dining Table
Brand: Master Sun
Model: wt-1077
Function: disassembly and assembly
Material: Aluminum
Rattan: PE rattan
Style: Northern Europe
Craft: rattan
Application No.: 2-4
Finish material: Wood
Scalable: non scalable
Packing method: packing
Customizable: Yes
With turntable or not: no
Whether the desktop is adjustable: not adjustable
With roller or not: no
Yes or No: no
Cabinet or not: no
Furniture structure: bracket structure
Is there a chair: no
Origin: Overseas
City: Overseas
Assemble or not: assemble
Taxi transportable: no
Design elements: woven wood
Style orientation: artistic style
Whether it has the function of electromagnetic furnace: no
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